If Mr. Savage hates the Catholic church so much, why did he go to the trouble to have his child baptized [September 3]? His article is filled with the type of virulent innuendo usually reserved for one’s bitterest enemies. His flippant disregard for the sacredness of the sacrament is evident throughout the article, leading one to believe that his pastor was correct in refusing to baptize the child, for the father had no concept of what the sacrament entails. Perhaps it will be a consolation for Mr. Savage that his partner’s uttering of “not” after the baptismal questions may not have violated it canonically, but it surely went a long way to diminishing its intrinsic meaning. We can only hope that the child will be less prejudiced against the church he was baptized in and more open-minded than his two fathers.

Edward D. Juillard