Surely Rick Telander deserves as much derision as one can heap upon him. If you’ve ever read one of his pompous, overblown articles in Sports Illustrated, or seen that silly Sportswriters show you know what I mean. Del Crustaceans indeed!

However, Hitsville [May 20] earned its own Quincy with the stupid statement that “Cobain had an instinctive and thorough loathing of male rituals in general.” Oh yeah? Then why was he in a rock band?

Despite the proliferation of wimpy college rock R.E.M. clones and wife-core bands (bands that include four members, one of whom is the guitarist’s wife or girlfriend, who plays bass or drums) rock ‘n’ roll is nothing if not a macho male ritual.

From Elvis on down through Hendrix and Paul Rodgers all the way to Nash Kato, B-Real, and most certainly Nirvana, it always has been. And that’s the way it should be. Rock on, righteous brothers!

Robert Heintz