To the editor,

I usually do not write to newspapers, but I felt I had to respond to the silly letter that appeared in the Reader on 06 September. I do not know who David Cummings is, or where he learned what he thinks he knows about the religion of Scientology, but he has obviously never read the Creed of the Church, or attended a Scientology service. His pompous attitude demonstrates his unwillingness to look beyond the unpalatable hogwash that he has accepted as fact from others.

Were Cummings not so blind to the real facts, he might have discovered that religious scholars from churches and universities around the world, in their examinations of Scientology, found it to be a religion in every sense of the word. Dr. Urbano Alonso Galan, a scholar from the Georgian University and the Saint Bonaventure Pontifical Faculty (Rome), worked with both John Paul XXIII and Pope Paul VI. In his dissertation on the Scientology religion, he states: “Scientology only values the spiritual essence of man, his innate goodness, his immortality and his search for infinity as a final goal.” As to L. Ron Hubbard’s attributes as a theologist, Dr. Alonso points out that Mr. Hubbard introduced something new to the field of religion, stating that he “developed the religion of Scientology as a body of knowledge and practices which direct man towards these goals.”

Had Tori Marlan really been courageous, she would have completed her research using authoritative sources such as Dr. Alonso instead of the detractors and rumor mongers she decides to listen to.


Kimberley Perfetti

Chesterton, Indiana