To the editors:

Thank you, Reader, for publishing Jim Bowman’s article on local Roman Catholic pastors and priests [“Religion: Playing Down the Law,” June 5]. Whatever its purpose, it reveals clearly the present state of the archdiocese of Chicago–schism. Unless, of course, systematic disobedience on crucial points of discipline and pervasive and deliberate undermining of lawful authority and authentic teaching does not qualify.

Actually, we now have our choice of several Roman Catholic schisms in this area, and the semisecret, insidious, and deceitful one countenanced and perhaps covertly encouraged by the hierarchy and wholeheartedly accepted by the bulk of nominal Roman Catholics is the worst of them.

Thanks to the Reader, no one, high or low, can claim not to have been informed.

John C. Prendiville

Oak Park

Jim Bowman replies:

Thanks for the letter, John. If what I wrote does what you say it does, it corroborates a saying I read years ago on a holy card: “God writes straight with crooked lines.”