Just wanted to add my voice to those who have expressed support for the “Short List” in the theater section [Letters, October 29 and November 5]. With so many theater companies it is difficult to decide what to see. The “Final Days” section was especially helpful. I would love to see the “Short List” brought back.

On a related note, I am very appreciative of the separate sections for improv/sketch comedy and for stand-up, which I noticed a few months ago. When you know what type of performance you are interested in attending, it definitely helps to have a smaller list of choices.


Lauri Dahl


The editor replies:

In the recent redesign we removed the Short List from the theater listings after adding icons that signal the same information-openings, closings, and recommendations. But the convenience of the list has clearly been missed, so this week it returns to Section 2. Thanks for the cards and letters.