To the editors:

J. Weintraub’s recent article, “Why They Call It the Second City,” is a commendable piece of journalism, well researched and well executed [July 30]. The article is balanced in its analysis of A.J. Liebling’s New Yorker polemics, the sad state of Chicago due to the depression (and World War II), and the subsequent rise of Chicago. Mr. Weintraub’s point that no single urban center now plays a dominant role in American economic, political, and cultural life is very well-taken.

I think that Mr. Liebling, an intelligent man, would, if he were to see it now, think differently of Chicago as a city. But I also cannot help feeling that he would wince at the attempt to draw upon New York chic in naming a downtown Chicago neighborhood “the New East Side” (a designation that turns its back on Chicago history, Grant Park, the river, and Lake Michigan) and New York bohemianism with the “East Village.”

May Hannibal

N. Sandburg Terrace