Methinks Mr. Henderson doth protest too much!

I applaud Jay Whittaker’s courage and his style [The Business, September 8]. As you can see from Mr. Henderson’s response, Chicago Shakespeare could care less about what its local performers think or how they live. Chicago Shakespeare quickly forgot that it was built on the back of Chicago talent who have willingly slaved away since its inception in the hopes of creating a full-time Shakespeare company in Chicago. Chicago Shakespeare spent years working under cat 1 contracts and multiple non-Equity contracts–which at the time paid $100 a week–even though their talent was required to be at all rehearsals during the workweek. Now that the dream is here, Chicago talent is the least of their concerns.

At Chicago Shakespeare, heaven forfend one should question them about pay–or any working condition–because even an imagined slight will lead to your never being offered even an audition there again.

Bravo, Jay! But then why should anyone care–they are just actors after all.


Just another actor