I was interested to read Michael Miner’s column on new Tribune columnist Linda Bowles, the ultraconservative from California [Hot Type, January 26]. I have a theory about Don Wycliff, who edits the editorial pages, and that is that he really doesn’t want to have any conservative columnists but feels like he has to pretend to be fair. I don’t think he really likes women columnists either since the Tribune’s only local one is Joan Beck, older than the hills, who he probably was stuck with. The thing is there is a conservative woman columnist in the Chicago area. Sarah Bryan Miller, a Reader writer, writes a column for the Wednesday Journal of Oak Park and also writes for the Wall Street Journal. She is funny but makes her point and is not nasty like Bowles. If Don Wycliff really wanted a good conservative columnist he could have probably gotten her and she is local and would have more to say to Chicagoans. I think what hiring Linda Bowles shows is that he doesn’t really want a good conservative columnist. He’ll probably get rid of her in a few months and have some other excuse for so few women and conservatives.

Just my opinion.

Michelle Kagulis

Oak Park