Bill Wyman–

I was utterly disgusted with your recent review of the Jimmy Page/Robert Plant Unledded special on MTV [Hitsville, October 21], for the simple reason that the article had little, if anything, valid to say about the music. Instead, you spent the whole time deriding them, especially Page, because he’s older now than he was in 1974.

That Page is a bloated old man who slurs his speech is the only point you managed to hammer home. You really only glossed over any observations you might have made about the music. Your motivations for doing this, I am sure, are very twisted, and nothing I want to know about.

In my opinion, it was great to hear new life breathed into some of Zep’s old songs by other musicians. The new material, while simple in structure, was at least interesting–not “Stairway to Heaven,” but it was not intended to be. In both cases, the instrumentation and arrangements were inventive. I don’t believe they were just going through the motions. The whole show rocked and sounded great, I say.

But Bill Wyman decided he hated it before he even heard a note. He apparently thinks it would be more proper for Jimmy Page to admit he’s over the hill, hang his head in shame and get a job at the local grocery store. I personally would rather see him slugging away at it until he dies.

It’s not fine painting, Bill. It’s not English literature. It’s only rock and roll. Do you ever feel it down there in your loins, where it’s supposed to come from, Mr. Hotshot Rock Critic?

J. Renfield