Dear Reader,

I read your October 21 story on Thomas Yancey [“This Man Is Not a Sexual Predator”]. Why are you wasting precious front page space on this creep? (Heavy emphasis here.) He took a precious life! I believe a murderer is lower than a sex offender, as sex offenders have a mental illness and are the slime of the earth. But a murderer is inherently evil, especially when they are so young and do so in the commission of a crime (here robbery). If he murdered someone to defend his family of danger, that’s different, and not the case here.

To the Unhappy Murderer

He nipped out a life like a smudge on a rag

So let him wear the consequence in life with a murderous “tag”

If he’s misclassified as a sex offender while another lost their life too, too, too bad

But not for him as he is so, so, so sad!

J. Bland

N. Wacker