To the editors:

Poor Mr. Heydendahl [Letters, February 15] and all the other “thousands of aggrieved listeners (repeat: listeners).” He doesn’t want his exclusive little club joined by any of those who enjoy Mr. Andres’s style. (Are they the right kind to be listeners to WFMT?)

There are thousands and thousands of us who have enjoyed Mr. Andres over his long time here in Chicago. He shares his enjoyment of the music with warmth and humanity and is never pedantic or precious in his attitude. If Mr. Heydendahl is having trouble hearing his superb voice, may I suggest a hearing test?

To Dennis Moore: Remember he spelled your name right. We wonder if Mr. Heydendahl has ever heard Norm Pellegrini and the others of the same style peculiar to WFMT. And we had hopes of some more personal form.

How easy it is to be a critic. It’s a profession open to anyone without claim to taste or knowledge.

In a wonderfully diversified community such as Chicago, isn’t there a place for variety, even on WFMT?!!

One wonders if Jay Andres appreciates the power he has to incite such emotion.

Jane Stone (Mrs. Carl)

Lake Bluff