Dear Reader,

How nice for you that you have a psychic on your music staff.

Mr. Wyman’s lurid speculation on the life of Jerry Garcia [Hitsville, August 25] seems based on such phenomena. Garcia’s life/death was a private affair, and as such might not fall into the scope of Bill’s “music scene” coverage. But that’s a moot point.

I suppose that the Reader needs to offer an “alternative” opinion on Garcia’s death, one along the lines of William F. Buckley’s, George Will’s, or Rush Limbaugh’s; of course, those were already published last week. Thank goodness Bill Wyman stands ready to instruct all us poor, doped-up Deadheads how we should feel and what lessons we can glean from this event, just like President Clinton did.

I wasn’t surprised that Hitsville got in some last licks on a favorite target (it seems to delight in the physical ailments of others), but the level of nastiness, spite, and ill will contained in this item was more than I imagined possible.

No class, folks, no class.

Fritz Eifrig