To the editors:

Your cover article of November 26 stopped just short of telling readers that Josef Mengele is alive und vell und living in Argentina . . . with Elvis. The outlandish descriptions of Nazi medical experiments being made by professional “holocaust survivors” are reminiscent of Simon Wiesenthal’s 1977 allegation that Mengele was living the life of luxury in an armed camp full of SS men in Paraguay; long on hype and hysteria, short on facts. This continues to be a problem with many aspects of the “holocaust” story which we hear so much about.

Mengele was a scientist, an Anthropologist and a pro-Aryan racist (as opposed to the anti-Aryan racists which dominate Anthropology today) to be sure . . . but has he ever been proven a war criminal of any degree?

It is clear today that Mengele’s greatest “war crime” was that of being on the side that lost the war. Had the Axis forces been victorious, Stalin, Churchill, Eisenhower, Roosevelt and Truman could have all been tried, with more solid evidence than was produced at Nuremberg, for crimes against humanity; rape and slaughter of civilians (Sudetenland, Croatia, Soviet Ukraine), terror bombing of undefended urban population centers (Dresden, Hamburg, Tokyo, Hiroshima, Nagasaki), executions of unarmed prisoners (Katyn Forest), etc. ad nauseam. An historical record which portrays Dr. Mengele as a “bloodthirsty monster” while absolving “Uncle Joe” and his ilk of their crimes against millions can at the very least be described as distorted.

It is now almost 50 years after the end of World War Two and the public is still being bombarded with silly, politically correct stories like “On the Trail of Josef Mengele.” This is just more of the “Good guy vs. Bad guy” propaganda which continues to misinform and promote distortion of the historical record. It is often said that “To the victor goes the spoils” . . . it is now clear that one of the spoils of war is being able to revise history to suit the ends of the victors. Unfortunately, objectivity and a factual historical record are usually the casualties.

J. Carlsson

N. Broadway