What drivel in the Reader this week about unemployed (ha, ha, ha) gadfly Coconate and how he is giving fellatio to Congressman Jr. to try to get him to fight his battles for him [“The Man Who Would Be Kingmaker,” August 5]. Coconut is like a little boy who gets his ass kicked at school every day and has to pay someone to look out for him.

Unfortunately, Congressman Jr. is too much of a coward to take on Daley head-on. He has no record to run on. Went to law school but never took the bar exam or had any intentions to, went to divinity school but never became ordained. Tilting at the Peotone airport windmill, knowing there is no way it will come to pass.

Coconate is a hypocrite. The old system of patronage was fine for him and his family for many years; now that he is on the outside looking in, there is something wrong with it.

Daley would peel Congressman Jr. like a boiled potato. Jr. is in for a big surprise if he thinks those southwest- and northwest-side folks would actually pull the lever for him in a voting booth. Furthermore, Jr. would not enjoy the 99.9 percent support of blacks that Harold Washington got, due to his loudmouth father. Many blacks I know feel he is a silver spoon that has not done anything of substance. Add the fact that Harold won because of a perfect split in the white vote. There will not be another credible white candidate, and it is likely that a black stalking horse, such as CHA CEO Terry Peterson, will be inserted in the race to lop off a good chunk of the black vote (wards 6, 7, 17, and 34 = 80,000 votes).

And at the end of the day Coconate will still be unemployed, foreclosed, and in the breadline to feed his family.

Darrell Mitchell

South Loop