To the editors.

Bravo on Eric Scigliano’s November 18 article “How to Win the War on Drugs.” It was the most cogent and complete essay I have ever seen on the matter. I can only hope more people start thinking about drugs instead of assuming that that (or any) problem can be legislated away.

A couple of postscripts: A hurried reader might infer that the Libertarian Party is a right-wing organization and would support taxes on marijuana, etc. Libertarians are explicitly anti-tax, but any party that would slash defense spending, is generally pro-choice, wishes to abolish the CIA, and would remove immigration quotas can hardly be classified as right-wing. Other politicians supporting legalization include Democrats such as Ronald Dellums and Willie Brown, a surprising number of California Republicans, and the intriguingly named Grassroots Party in Minnesota.

Keep up the good work.

Richard Craig


PS: I love Cecil too.