To the editors:

Chris Miller’s letter (October 29, “Happy Camper”) of criticism of Fred Camper’s reviews of painting and sculpture reminds me a little of an old Scottish story about a silent person attending a ball game. Two opposing ball teams, each representing a different religious group, were playing. Each team’s supporters were loud and vociferous in support of their team. The silent person in the midst of all the yelling annoyed some of those around him; so someone barked at him, “What’s the matter? Are you an atheist?”

I happen to enjoy Mr. Camper’s reviews. I believe that not everyone needs to read a strong pro or con criticism to the artistic endeavors. Variety is, indeed, the spice. I am sure that learning from a review such as Camper’s is interesting and worthwhile to many people. Please keep him as a reviewer.

Elizabeth Benson

N. Rogers