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Dear Reader,

Just a short note to Jill Blardinelli regarding the opening sentence to her review of the Offspring show at the Vic [Rock Etc., November 11]. Where on earth does anyone get off calling the Offspring the Fugazi of the 90s, or comparing the utterly pathetic Green Day to the Replacements?!!! As anyone with a pulse should know, Fugazi and, well, Paul Westerberg at least, have continued to make music in this decade that puts the stuff of both younger bands to shame! In the spirit of the reviewed band, Blardinelli would do well to “keep ’em separated” in the future. The broadside to the former–“reeking of righteousness and firmly on the side of every liberal cause”–ignores the fact that where music is concerned, Fugazi is one of the most intense and talented “punk” groups since Husker Du. I hope that Blardinelli finds a stereo and copies of Steady Diet of Nothing and 14 Songs so that she might listen to the music and figure out what she’s so obviously been missing.

Dominic Molon

Wicker Park