I read Deanna’s “glib” comments about the Uptown Neighborhood Council’s attempt to add a new dimension to a neighborhood that has been selfishly planned by the current alderman’s political agenda, which is keeping herself in power by dividing the neighborhood into the “haves and have-nots” [Culture Club, July 23]. Deanna’s comments were shallow and showed no understanding of the complicated issues of living day-to-day with people in poverty who have severe social needs, which unfortunately affect the people who live around them.

Government studies show that overconcentrating the poor in an area is bad for everyone. If you read Mayor Daley’s comments in the Trib on 7/22/04, the CHA is no longer going to build high-rise housing for low-income people, but instead build low-rises with mixed income.

Everyone understands that continuing to build high-rise housing and stacking poor people on top of poor people is bad. The question is: Why does Shiller still do this? Her ward is the only ward that continues this segregated, outdated housing plan.

Instead of lauding the UNC for trying to attract struggling artists who can add their creative energy to a blighted commercial district by opening stores and studios and also working to develop an after-school program for the children in the neighborhood, Deanna instead tried to be cute.

Shame on Deanna!

Judy Pier