To the editors:

In Ben Joravsky’s overblown article (Feb. 16) on Eisendrath vs. Yates or the Kid battles the Old Geezer, he states that Republican challengers in the 9th congressional district “can usually count on roughly 35 percent of the vote as well as the Tribune’s endorsement.” Yes, I got the Trib’s endorsement in my losing 1962 race, but I also received 40 percent of the vote. That was the highest GOP vote in the district in 28 years. Republicans haven’t died, they just come up short on the numbers.

Even though this contest has garnered a great deal more publicity than previous 9th district campaigns, neither Eisendrath nor Yates has excited many voters. I doubt that no more than one in 10 persons standing on the corner of Belmont and Broadway in the heart of the district could identify either one. That’s because Yates has been in semi-retirement for years, and the Kid is too new on the block to have made an impact.

Good story, Ben, but another JFK? Hell no.

Tom Ward

N. Lake Shore Drive