No matter how good a playwright Tony Kushner may be [Hot Type, June 4], Hedy Weiss deserves every right under the sun to write what she feels about his play, whether as a journalist or theater critic. In the classic style of a self-righteous, out, gay artist (perhaps taking an unfortunate cue from the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation, who have yet to find a critic they haven’t tried to silence), Mr. Kushner appears to expect an apology from, or worse, to silence, anyone who deviates from his self-imposed standard of acceptable speech, steeped as it is in political correctness. The irony, coming from a man whose career depends on quashing the very barriers.

The point is that intelligent people with forums of expression available to them ought to be able to dish it out and take it in equal proportions. It goes with the territory. While Kushner’s tirade serves as a relatively low-tech way of keeping the play in the papers, it shouldn’t be seen for much more. If anything, Showcase editor Laura Emerick was quite generous in offering Kushner the space to rebuff Weiss.

Clinton Fein

San Francisco