To the editors:

I have news for Julie Phillips (“Boomed Out,” July 31). We baby boomers who were born at the tail end of the generation (1958-1964) don’t have it so easy. We also have to listen to stories from the “good old days” from the older boomers. Us younger boomers are looked upon with as much disdain as those born several years after us. I have both caught hell and been dismissed because I’m not old enough to share in those “glorious memories” (I was born in 1961). I have had older boomers treat me as if I’m an annoying child that deserves not to be seen or heard. My childhood of watching Scooby-Doo and my adolescence of disco dancing is just not as important as protesting Vietnam or staging love-ins. This current generation, my age group of mid-20s to early 30s, is just not as interesting as our older brothers and sisters who are 40 and up. They get all the attention based on their precious memories.

I sure hope Ms. Phillips wasn’t including my age group in with the older boomers. I’m not really considered to be one of them by them.

Hillari Hunter

W. Morse