Re: “Scary Larry” [February 23]

C’mon, what do you expect? Television news is not in the business of educating people or entertaining people or really performing any service other than making money for its owners and corporate sponsors. The moniker “news” is merely a “handle” by which each channel gets to present various degrees of sensationalism to an audience that is naturally attracted to spectacle. The process is not that much different from an infant naturally attending to the brightest, most sparkly object that is currently in its visual field.

If ya don’t like TV, don’t watch it. No one is actually forced to buy one, or even turn it on.

Now, if you’re implying that your concern is that people should think, and put information within a meaningful and relevant context, then you are downright un-American. Because if people did that, then the entire economy would crash, people would actually act with civility towards one another, and pollution, overpopulation, and human-caused environmental degradation would cease to exist.

But societies in general have not attempted to tackle the complex question of social planning much beyond real estate zoning and figuring out who God is and how not to incur his/her/its wrath.

So, lay off poor (actually he probably makes a ton of money) Larry. He is just another well-meaning unenlightened individual who can’t see the forest for the trees, and if he does, is caught in the same trap we all are . . . how to make enough money to survive and experience joy along the way. Obviously he isn’t feeling too guilty about what he does. And he could be worse, he could be a Rush Limbaugh.

Richard Katz

N. Lakewood