Once upon a time, the Reader was a cutting edge newspaper putting forth opinions that meant something in the scheme of things. It was intelligent, insightful, objective if a bit liberal in its bent (for a particular audience, so this was okay) and, above all, above the sort of name calling for its own sake to which the rest of our political and social dialogue had seemed to have sunk.

Then along came Ed (or whoever he is).

Sorry, but I fail to see either the wit (if that’s what this is supposed to be) or the purpose of publishing this sort of pap in what is otherwise a wise and with-it publication. Bob Greene, whether one sees the point or enjoys it, presents a popular point of view on matters of interest to his fellow Baby Boomers and to Middle-America. And whether “Ed Gold” thinks so or not, a lot of people are concerned about children’s rights in general and about Baby Richard in particular. If he thinks he speaks a representative of Gen-Xers, I weep to think of what sort of future this generation is likely to evolve out of where the twentieth century has brough us.

Grow up, Ed! Don’t you have a better way to spend your energies?!