Dear Editor:

RE: “Jerked Around,” by Erin E. Hogan, 10-27-95

The art historian was excited at last to be onstage, wondering whether to wear a herringbone suit, carried away by the momentum of her challenge, the completion of paperwork–demanding a conclusion. She admits the sheer novelty and originality of the incident, the excitement at last of being in the real world, away from the projective imagery of her analysis of paintings.

Not only does she condemn the “masturbator,” whom I do not know, causing a disruption of his family life and dismissal from his job, but she also castigates the defense attorney, who is my friend. She alludes that he has a correspondence course degree when I know he financed himself through college and law school and is now an adjunct professor at two universities. He has a lovely intelligent female companion who finds him rather kind, warm, and handsome, not “neolithic,” prancing on his toes in a masculine manner, neither “smarmy” nor “smirky.”

If this is the way she responds to men in general, I suggest the incident and the report is abusive, sexist, demeaning, degrading, and imagistic in the worst possible manner. She so castigates my friend, who was exercising the constitutional right of defense for his client. The writer finally finds some glimmer of relief by viewing a jet stream from Buckingham Fountain.

For an act of three or four seconds, she certainly found a great deal of excitement, something to write home about, and an opportunity to revise a police officer’s choice of neckties from Disney to Seurat.

Paul Hoffman

Chicago State University