To the editor:

I was interested to read Ted Kleine’s tale of woe at the hands of the boot brigade [August 25]. I myself evaded a similar fate principally because, not having moved after I let my car go with the plates still on it, I actually got the violation notices the buyer had earned. Mr. Kleine was in no position to do this, but maybe some others are–I contested each and every one by mail (costs 33 cents, takes ten minutes) with a copy of the receipt from the sale of the car, and some months later got a fistful of “not liable” notices from that nice Mr. Laski downtown.

Another option, one that actually was available to Mr. Kleine (had he been aware of the gathering storm) is to write the DMV in Springfield and cancel the registration on any plates that are out of your control–this was how I finally ended the stream of violation notices coming to my apartment.

Caveat vendor, or something.

Andrew Reid