Dear editor,

In response to your cover story on Leo Ionita (5/6/94), I applaud your recognition of one of this city’s prized possessions, a young person that utilizes the talent that has been given to him to make himself a better person. I must, however, strongly disagree with your portrayal of Leo’s father Adrian. The writer delivered an impression that is quite simply untrue.

I was very proud to involve Leo in the French-government-commissioned event last year as the story outlined. He was an enormous hit with a very sophisticated audience. My experience with the Ionita family in the production of that event equally displayed the talent that Leo possesses and the genuine desire of Adrian to provide his son with experiences that build Leo’s self-esteem and confidence so necessary throughout young adult life.

Adrian is not a man that wishes to “make a lot of money” with his son’s talents as an artist. Adrian is a man that appreciates the opportunities that have been afforded to his family by those that know the pureness of his heart. In his words that night, “This is one of the greatest nights of my life. My son is becoming a man.”

The truth about that commission; the sum I offered was $2,000, not $6,000, and the check in that amount was continually refused by Adrian because he felt that the experience we gave Leo was in itself payment. It was finally paid in the form of a ticket to Romania for his father’s funeral.

The Leo Ionita story is very worthy of the international recognition that it has received. Adrian Ionita is equally worthy of a portrayal that is true to his form as one of the finest fathers I have ever met in my life.

Tony Lorenz, CMP


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