Dear Sir or Ms.:

In defense of the biological parents of Baby Richard, Bill Wyman called them “merely typical” in the weekly Calendar [October 7]. Oh? Let’s review. First mom told dad their baby was dead. Then she put their baby up for adoption. Then she lied to the court about dad. Then she kept telling dad their baby had died. Now they’ve reconciled, bought some toys and talked to film producers. Is that stuff “typical” over at your place, Bill? Cool. And a healthy environment for any kid.

David Gilbert

N. Lakewood

Bill Wyman replies:

For the record, I wrote that Baby Richard’s biological parents were “merely typical (i.e., less than perfect),” a rather oblique point but one that I’m sure Gilbert might have apprehended. Gilbert would have the state take the parents’ kid away because their behavior does not meet his standards. People who write letters to the editor based on misrepresentations–and those who borrow their positions on public policy issues from Bob Greene–don’t meet mine, but fortunately neither Gilbert nor I are in charge of adoptions in this state.