Dear Reader:

Lee Sandlin’s article on ABC’s My So-Called Life [October 21], while extremely well written and rather thought provoking, unfortunately misses the mark completely. Sandlin claims that early 90210 episodes, filled with self-righteous, virginal nondrinkers and their obscenely wealthy, absurdly shallow counterparts, are more realistic than My So-Called Life. Get real–if Sandlin, who apparently has forgotten what adolescence in middle-class America is like, would ask teenagers if Life accurately depicts life, the response would be an astounding affirmative. Everyone has a right to his or her opinion, but please stop ripping on one of the best shows on television, because–as Sandlin predicted–chances are it will follow in the footsteps of A Year in the Life and Twin Peaks and will be canceled all too soon. So, let me have my weekly bliss-filled excursions into the disillusioned and depressed psyche of the corporally angelic, merely mortal Angela while I still can . . .

One voice,

Clay Wright