Dear Tom Frank:

Your droll article on the exalted state of resume preparation [Capital Lies, August 25] is convincing testimony it is way past time to seek a better way to compete in the job market.

I was the sardonic resume expert who stated in a 1987 feature article in Carol Kleiman’s column, “It is the resume consultants who are competing for jobs in the personnel office.” I hung your article next to all of mine.

Damn the “gods of capitalism” and rip the how-tos to shreds, Tom. Tell people to stop buying all those confusing, hyped-up, fear-based books, and call me. Change human resources policy. Conceive a better way. But please don’t do the condescension boogie on the job seeker. The sometimes “desperate” state of mind during the anxiety-prone job search is real. I don’t support the exploitation by those authors; however, the tiny hairs on my resume-writing fingers bristled from the undertone in your message. Hey, it’s treacherous out there.

You’re a pretty good writer. You, too, could open a resume service. But, if you don’t and you need one, please consider using my service. I take a collaborative approach to the development process. Between the two of us, we could probably create some hype to get you from the Reader to the New York Times.

Marsh Brill

E. Washington