Dear Ms. True,

I wanted to clarify an important point that was not justly revealed in my published statements in Jeffrey Felshman’s January 26, 2001, cover story, “Jazz in Bloom.” The edits made to my original interview removed some of the context that accurately depicted my quoted remarks in the article.

Basically, the sentiment that I was trying to articulate to Felshman for his piece was that the path and the progression of repertoire study as far as style, type, and difficulty that is taught in a “classical” performance training environment is generally more consistent than that of a jazz training environment. It is exceptionally challenging for a jazz instructor to lead his pupil into jazz because of the countless ways that there are to approach jazz and because of the many different concepts and definitions of what jazz is.

With this perspective adequately portrayed, David Bloom’s talent for shining a bright and distinct light on this great American art form becomes properly expressed.

Thank you,

Ryan Cohan

N. Damen