Hey, it hurt the way you hated our “troubled and contradictory culture” (review by Carol Burbank of Danny Hoch’s Jails, Hospitals & Hip-Hop, April 23), but I had to feel it, yo. I mean, you coming from a whole generation that’s pure righteousness and oneness of vision. Look at y’all! Stopping Vietnam, liberating everybody. I just. Wanna. Thank you.

Really, from where you stand you can judge us, doubt our whole culture, use the negative to characterize our whole generation? Why? You need some more obscure, maybe vaguely bisexual sentimentality to imply depth of self-expression? There you go. What else you need? Can I get a…? You’re right, we’re on some Cro-Magnon television freebase. But down here in the neurological basement, basics that are “common sense to any liberal” carry much weight. Yo, it’s got to be all “rhythm and flash” on delivery, though. It’s got to have style. You wouldn’t understand. Like how deep just something like “fuck you” could be.

Pope Innasin III

N. Greenview