Decade’s best (random order).

1. As Good as It Gets–James Brooks’s Magnum Opus. The perfect love story of the 90s (or any decade).

2. Like Water for Chocolate–Played at Fine Arts for several months. Sublimation concept brilliantly portrayed in human terms.

3. Dead Man–Huge crowd at M.B. on opening night (you’re responsible for once, an American Indian is accurately re-created as himself, not what we think he is).

4. Three Kings–Nora Dunn, Breathtaking. Living documentary as history (with star vehicle).

5. Black Cat, White Cat–Mind-blowing experience (similar to Buena Vista Social Club). Only saw 60 percent, but numb and mesmerized.

6. Being John Malkovich–J.M. went way out on a limb with career choice (pays off in spades). Absolutely riveting breakthrough performance by Catherine Keener.

7. Unforgiven–Eastwood defining Western as a new concept. Best movie in around 15 years at Rehab (videos). Hackman selection vital.

8. The Hand That Rocks the Cradle–For once a woman is a living demon with sincere motivation. Feeding baby, erotic beyond human experience and belief.

9. Six Degrees of Separation–John Guare crowning masterpiece (Frank Rich 10 best plays). Stockard Channing redeemed herself for grotesque “turkey” (Grease).

10. Titanic–Another Rules of the Game with dying aristocracy making fools of themselves. Leo-Kate relationship similar to mine with Pat (at institution).

Michael Pinske

N. LaSalle