The Pinnick Fund

Re “Did Corboy & Demetrio Blow It?” by James L. Merriner, December 4, 2008

Several years ago (approx. 1995), I drove to Iowa to visit a client. While going over an overpass on I-80, I must have hit what they call black ice. My car, with back-wheel drive, started to fishtail out of control, and I ended up doing a complete 360 and came to rest facing traffic from the opposite direction. Fortunately it was late at night, traffic was light, and I was able to spin my way into the right direction before any vehicles hit me. On that ice, no oncoming car could have stopped or slowed down—a semi would have flattened me.

I am sorry to see that the Pinnicks were not that lucky. I would like to send a contribution to Millie Pinnick. Is there a foundation, or could you give me a mailing address?


The editors reply:

The Pinnicks’ attorney reports that contributions may be made to:

Melissa Pinnick’s Children’s Fund

c/o 1st National Bank of La Grange

P.O. Box 190

La Grange, IL 60525-9635

Check Again, Veggie

Re “2008 on My Tongue: The best things I ate and drank this year” by Mike Sula, Omnivorous, December 25, 2008

Omnivorous? How about (mostly) carnivorous? Of the 50 or so items mentioned in Mike Sula’s end-of-year article, only about ten were vegetarian-friendly. Seems a little lopsided, don’t you think? Look at it this way, as a vegetarian, I could never be a food critic for the masses. But as a hard-core carnivore (antelope? headcheese ravioli?), I guess it’s OK to alienate a large portion of the foodies who like to read restaurant reviews. Thankfully, I realized that the baby seal confit was a joke.

Rebecca Brown

Mike Sula replies:

There are 19 vegetarian-friendly things on my list (pickled watermelon, sunchokes, cabbage and carrots steamed in coconut milk, semolina beet gnocchi, etc), including several vegan options. If you eat cheese, 21.

Watch Who You Call Cool

Re “Best of 2008, part four” by Peter Margasak, on Post No Bills, December 30

Congrats Pete, once again you’ve proved you are way cooler than any of your readers. Now for 2009, why not resolve to talk about music people actually listen to?


Right on, Joe. I can hardly recall a single mention of Gnarls Barkley or Deerhoof outside of the Reader. And who the fuck is Nick Cave?


Joe—I picked my 40 favorite records. Should I have included Pink or Scott Weiland because you’ve heard of them?

FWIW, I’m sure people will discover that I’m uncool after reading this list, but I’ve known that for a long time.

Peter Margasak


Re “Alley near Sacramento and Lyndale, October 11” by BonusSaves in 1,000 Words, our annual photo issue, January 1

The artwork was created by street artist Tip Toe in loving memory of SOLVE [Brendan Scanlon]. Rest in peace, Brendan.


Space Matter

Re Pure Fiction, The Reader’s Ninth Annual Fiction Issue, December 25, 2008

Nice issue, but one big complaint:

Why doesn’t the Reader do fiction more often?

I stopped subscribing to GQ in college after they tossed fiction. I like reading short stories and even online don’t find too many good papers that give space to them.

Why not a story in every issue?

James K.