Dollars for Daley

Re: “City for Sale” by Ben Joravsky, January 22

(Sung to the tune of “Pennies from Heaven”)

Every time it rains it rains

Dollars for Daley,

Dollars for Daley.

Don’t you know each cloud contains

Dollars for Daley,

Dollars for Daley.

You’ll find our fortunes falling

All over town.

But surely his umbrella

Is upside down.

Got a shortfall in his budget?

Dollars for Daley,

Dollars for Daley.

He’ll just sell another asset,

Dollars for Daley,

Dollars for Daley.

He’s already sold one airport

And a bridge out of town

But surely his umbrella

Remains upside down.

Now he’s got a new idea,

Dollars for Daley,

Dollars for Daley.

Sell the city parking meters,

Dollars for Daley,

Dollars for Daley.

You think that business is bad now?

Wait till after he’s through.

There’ll be dollars for Daley,

But not for me, nor for you.

Gregory F. Augustine Pierce

It Was an Ad


To say that the previous owners of the Reader would never have allowed this abortion to appear in their publication, would be an understatement. Is this also the editorial opinion of the editors of the Reader? There was no disclaimer citing the opinions stated therein as an advertisement, nor was there a disclaimer stating that this was the opinion of the authors, but not of the Reader. Whatever this aberrancy really is makes no real difference, other than showing really poor taste, and judgment on the part of the publishers of the Reader. Did you check for accuracy, for legitimacy, for who Teachers Against Occupation really are? Absolutely NOT! Therefore, we must conclude that this ranting is also the opinion of Reader editors, and the publisher.

If I was an advertiser, I’d boycott your rag. If I was a prospective advertiser, I wouldn’t want to be associated with a paper that chooses to insult its own dignity, and that of its readers.

Arnold Woods

Missing Music Listings

Your recent changes have improved the general layout and flow of the Reader. I like the reviews and the political commentary, very much needed in this city.

However, I don’t like the new form for music listings. In the blues world, some of the best, most authentic shows are at out of the way clubs on the south and west side, where emerging bands play. These small, low-budget neighborhood clubs and musicians are already in peril from the economy and the threatened Promoter’s Ordinance. Now they are being left out of the printed Reader listings, which only show the “major” events and downtown tourist clubs where mostly the same acts play, week after week. Even though your staff is knowledgeable, I don’t feel comfortable having a handful of critics and editors decide which musical events are worth listing in print and which are not.

After your self-submittal event forms go online and streamline the listing process, why not go back to the complete weekly printed listings for each genre?

Bonni Mckeown

And What’s With the Movie Listings?

We’ve started getting our movie showtimes from an independent contractor, and readers may have noticed the system’s still got some kinks. We’re trying to resolve these problems, but new ones may crop up briefly. Thanks for your patience.

The editors