Come On!!!

Re: Savage Love, January 29

Dan... you never heard of a guy using a strap-on to DP a female?

Name withheld

Well, I have now. Lots of folks have written in to bring my attention to this mysterious and arcane sexual practice. Really, I’m continually shocked at the depths of sexual depravity that heterosexuals can sink to. I don’t know why they let you people adopt children.

Dan Savage

Someone’s Got to Pay

Re: “Press Conference,” Hot Type, January 29

What about a video conference instead of audio? Stream it live (or close to it). I can’t think it would be difficult to find producers in the journalism field that can set this up with virtually no money.

Christo P. Ney

It appears that these people don’t realize Chicago is quickly turning into a hotbed of journalism innovation, yet NONE of the innovative local news startups are represented here?,,, (covering an Iowa community but created by Medill-based software programmers/journalists)? Perhaps all of these people didn’t want to come? There must be some logical explanation.

Phil Lindman

Journalists keep looking at the picture trying to figure out how content producers are going to be paid in the new media. The stopper is that they have to compete with people who write about any given subject as well or better than they possibly can WHO DON’T EXPECT TO BE PAID.

When the Internet arrived and provided a means for people to disseminate their writings, this became inevitable. I saw it, Drudge saw it, hundreds and hundreds of people saw and have been discussing it for over a decade. The dinosaur media is late to the party. Consumers will not miss the expensive paid media, and they will have no less news than before. Times change.


Re: Solitude, not everyone who can write can report (and not everyone who can report can write). And there are some important functions of the press that simply cannot be managed from your bedroom after work. Journalism isn’t going down the toilet because people don’t want or can’t use what journalists are paid to produce. The great majority of the amateurs (and moneymaking outfits like HuffPo) rely heavily on content that costs money to produce.

Name withheld