A Meaty Issue

Re: “Chef Brian Jupiter’s Got His Game On at Frontier: The new Noble Square barstaurant is offering whole smoked animals and a lot more,” by Mike Sula, March 31

I’m kind of at a loss as to why, week after week after week, the Reader deems it necessary to not just show graphic pictures of chefs around the city doing “silly” things like making two decapitated pigs’ heads “kiss” but also (as in this week’s issue) throw in details such as how at Frontier, when a party of ten orders the “whole animal” roast of a pig or boar or lamb, wheels out the carcass with a knife stuck into its neck . . . for what? Laughs? Does the customer base at such a drunken bro-centric place such as Frontier really need more laughs at the expense of this animal that already had its life taken away so they could slobber all over its carcass while downing Coors Lights and fist pumping to the Nickelback and Creed that’s undoubtedly blasting there all night? I’m not going to get into all the morality issues at hand and preach about how killing animals is wrong. I hardly have the stamina these days, but for hell’s sake, cool it with the hyper-fetishization of the gory details of how smug soulless bros and hipsters get off on this shit. Post the recipes, fine, review the restaurants, by all means, hell, show the pics as you feel you must, but leave this sociopathic and disturbing details like sticking knives in the animal’s neck for shits and giggles out. Try to at least pretend you’re still human, while you cycle to and from the Reader on your fixed gear in your “sustainable” pants drinking fair-trade coffee and all. —M. Winfield McEwen

I realize this is Chicago, Hog Butcher to the World and so on, but has anyone noticed that the Reader has been on an epic meat trip these last couple of years? Not just in the food pages, either; I can think of several recent cover stories devoted to the dead stuff. And the obsession seems only to be deepening—a quick glance at the website on any given day suggests a startling preoccupation. I don’t even WANT to know what “bacon noir” is. I try not to be one of those preachy abstainers, but I can’t imagine I’m the only one growing weary of the endless meat porn. —Liam Warfield

I completely agree with Liam. The unending American/Chicago meat obsession has lately become almost cartoonish in its sheer excess. While I love to eat high-quality meats prepared from humanely raised animals, I prefer to do so in moderation to keep it special and also help maintain a balanced diet. I suppose that perspective is unreasonable to expect from a culture that always wants more. —alpastor

Care for Some Grammar With That Nude Manicure?

Re: “Our Beautiful Harem Girls Are Waiting for You, Completely Nude—Manicures, Body Painting, English Instruction” at Sultan’s Palace, in “Ads From the Past: October 10, 1975,” posted by Vera Videnovich, Monday, April 4

Manicures, body painting, AND English instruction? Is there a combo package? —martin75

I think that “English instruction” is a euphemism for getting whipped, but perhaps you already knew that? Opaa! —FGFM