Re: “Aldermania! The Cirque de Silly is back in town,” by Ben Joravsky, February 17

When will the people of Chicago realize how irrelevant aldermen have become in this day and age? The only reason the system is still there is because people attribute too much importance to it. Every time I talk to individuals who just moved to Chicago, or to young people in general, they cannot comprehend that aldermen are in such high standing. Ironically, it’s the City of Chicago that made their role irrelevant: with the City of Chicago web page and the 311 phone line, why would anyone go to the alderman’s office anymore? Wake up Chicago, aldermania should have gone the way of the dinosaurs long ago! —aldermaniasux

Statuary City

Re: “Can Chicago Do Better Than Detroit’s Robocop Statue?,” posted by Alex Parker, February 22

Well, I guess if we wanted to waste the money we could always put up a statue of the Blues Brothers in Chicago. —Chris Vaughn

Don’t forget the Bob Newhart statue on Michigan Ave. —Zac Thompson [The statue is actually at Navy Pier now.]

Harrison Ford leaping from a bus seconds before it’s smashed by a runaway train, from The Fugitive. Let’s do this. —Marc Geelhoed

No More Earwax? Meh.

Re: “Earwax Cafe Closing,” posted by Kevin Warwick, February 21

Sort of sad to see it go, but, really, the waitstaff was so douche-y as to make a visit truly unpleasant. —Miss Chummey

I also think the staff were douchebags and I’m glad they’re losing their jobs. Hopefully something better will find a place there. I always thought it was sad because that place would have had a lot of potential if it had been managed better. —erdbeermund

A lot of potential? This place has been an institution for 21 years. I think it reached its potential and exceeded it years ago. I’m sorry to see it go. When I first moved into the neighborhood, it was a nice alternative to Urbus Orbis. It’s always satisfied, along with the video store.

And anyone who would wish unemployment upon anyone else in this economy is the true douche. —chicagowasabi2

All right, enough about the staff. They are actually one part of what made it a great place. Where else in the city do you get to feel like you are somewhere that isn’t Chicago. I loved it for this reason. And I loved the feta garlic tomato melt.

One of the first regular joints that I went to when I moved here in ’94. Huge bummer. —Michelle L