It takes cojones to write like that

Re: “The Boka Group scores again with GT Fish & Oyster,” by Mike Sula, May 5

Dear Mr. Sula,

Thanks for a beautifully written review of GT Fish & Oyster. You are such a good food writer when you don’t provoke a stomach lurch with a distasteful trope. “Sheer cojones” is fine because some people do eat them. “Schlocky” instead of “pickle-shitter” is much more tasteful, as well as a better descriptive of the Fish Bar, making a much more pleasant read. Thanks for leaving out the following this time: shit, saliva, condoms, and douchebags. Your restaurant reviews are always great without the gonzo approach. —Rosemary Schachte

If we can make it here . . .

Re: “Chicago: America’s theater capital?” by Deanna Isaacs, May 19

Is it possible that Chicago is the theater capital of America but New York is the audience capital of America? —BrianGolden

We don’t export our shows to New York so much as we create amazing theater that New York producers import, because they are proven winners, and it’s too expensive to open an unproven show on or off Broadway. It’s a testament to our position, not New York’s. —JEpperson1

Department of Corrections

Re: Local Wares, May 19

We described Sonnenzimmer’s new box set of prints, Topics, as being in its 40th edition. We should have said the size of the print run for the set is 40. Apologies to Sonnenzimmer.

Re: “The resurgence of Benton Harbor beach,” May 19

We wrote, “From 1891 to 1971, Benton Harbor’s beach was an amusement park that covered 20 acres along the lake at the St. Joseph River . . . ” The amusement park was actually at St. Joseph’s Silver Beach. Apologies to Silver Beach.