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The Future of CPS

Re: “What’s Next for Chicago Public Schools? Now that CEO Ron Huberman is gone, the next step will be Rahm’s,” by Ben Joravsky, March 17

Why oh why does it always come down to teacher performance? Have you seen some of the students in the public school system? Have you seen some of the parents of these students?

There isn’t a teacher alive who can consistently reach all of the students when a parent’s interest is nonexistent or marginal at best. That is the advantage that teachers have in the private school system. They have parents who take an interest in their child’s education and realize that the teacher is just that—a teacher and not a highly paid babysitter.

Until someone can convince parents that they have a stake in their child’s education and are an integral part of the system, the system will remain the same. —blueline

We are seeing the destruction of public education. Rather than improve the circumstances in poverty neighborhoods (costs too much) which usually have dysfunctional, unstable families for all the typical reasons, Rahm is now going to take the stability of the neighborhood school away from the children in those families. The reason the schools are often failing is that nothing is being done to change the lives of the families raising the children and the adults who have no respect for education who are in charge of the children.

The school I teach at on the west side is always getting “bounce back” students who have been asked to leave the charter or their parents have been asked to leave. Sometimes we get children who have been at several charters before they come back to a public school. We must keep the children regardless of how low functioning, how disturbed, how dangerous or how nuts the parents are. But we move onward trying desperately to teach the child and improve the behaviors that would send normal working people to the exit quickly. Why shouldn’t the charters have to “KEEP” what they accept rather than have the ability to throw them out??

Why don’t people who teach at charters have to have Illinois State Certification and be Highly Qualified like I do, not just qualified!!!

Chicago will lose a generation or more of students I promise you and one day many years from now things will turn around because folks this isn’t “EDUCATION.” We are seeing money grubbing on the back of poor children and their uneducated families. We are seeing the destruction of public education and the people are allowing it and they will be sorry. —pola

Welcome Back, Mick

Re: “Mick Dumke Returning to Reader,” posted by Michael Miner, Tuesday, March 15

Woohoo! I’m seriously so, so glad that the Reader is displaying continued commitment to original political journalism. I love the Chicago Reader. —lanyard

This is certainly good news for the Reader. As I’ve said before, Mick Dumke is the best journalist in the city. —The original IAC