Huberman’s Raise

Re: “A Raise by Any Other Name: Schools officials say that while top brass are getting paid more than they used to, that doesn’t mean they’ve gotten ‘raises,'” by Ben Joravsky, April 15

Don’t forget the government pension is based on the last 4 years’ salary, not including furlough deductions. So unless Huberman is appointed mayor right after the election, this may be his last government stint and we will be paying for it for 30 years at the full 230K rate.


Why do you have to use the Freedom of Information Act to get this information? Every dime they spend comes from the public. We pay them. Clearly those at the CPS know that the law means that we are entitled to this information. Why do they need to be compelled if they have nothing to hide?

Note to Huberman: If you have nothing to hide then this is poor management and it is poor public relations. It suggests criminality and wrongdoing and hypocrisy.

Why should we trust them? Why should we pay them if we can’t trust them? These people are going to go to City Hall, to the state and ask for more money to fix their budget—and they have to be compelled to show what they are spending our money on? Apparently they are spending it on trips, cars and everything else for their benefit and not for the benefit of children and schools.


Why does Huberman get to take “voluntary” furlough days, when the rest of his employees in the central office have to take 15 MANDATORY furlough days?? If you’re going to mandate that your employees take 15 days without pay, then you have to do the same!! PERIOD. You don’t give yourself a RAISE to cover YOUR loss of pay, and then say the days you take are “voluntary.” What a bunch of CRAP!!

Mad as Hell

Just because Illinois has a FOIA law doesn’t mean a public body has to ask every citizen for a request in writing every time. Who invited who downtown? who said they wanted to clear things up?


If you believe like Ben Joravsky does that anyone making over $35,000 a year is a capitalist pig then you will eagerly buy his lame “exposures.” The CPS is huge with a 5.5 billion dollar budget, 400,000 students and tens of thousands of employees. And the (unfortunate) guy who runs it makes only $200,000 (or so) a year? And his salary ranks 59th in the state? Who are you people?


You don’t need to FOIA it. The Resolution appointing Huberman is on the CPS website here: And the CPS officials were right. Huberman personally has not received a raise. He was hired at $230,000.00 and remains there (actually less than that with voluntary furlough says). While I am no fan of the current CPS administration, fair is fair. Mr. Javorsky (It’s Joravsky —ed.) has attempted to portray Huberman as a venal character giving himself a personal benefit that he denies to and wants to take away from others. In this instance anyway, that portrayal is false. The mayor asked Huberman to take a job in which many with vested interests in system will root for his failure and which has uncommon demands and responsibilities. He apparently demanded $230,000.00 to take this thankless job, the board gave it to him and, contrary to the impression this series of articles have tried to make, he did not and the board has not increased that salary. The story was wrong.


Ben Joravsky replies:

To NoBS: The thing Monique Bond told me to FOIA was not that resolution but the salary database. I never said Huberman was venal. I was pointing out that it’s hypocritical for the top brass to get raises—or whatever they call it when their salaries go up—at a time when they’re telling everyone to cut back.

Putting Out Sparks

Re: “Cardinal George and the Dragon: Can Chicago’s Catholic leader smite fire-breathing critic Tom Roeser?,” by Michael Miner, April 15

Roeser is one of our civic institutions, God help us, so instead of telling the truth and calling him an insufferable, boorish, loudmouth jerk (language the Card should have used), he’s a “curmudgeon” and “full of beans.”

A Glass of Hotfat

If a tree falls in the woods and nobody is there to hear it, did it make noise? Not unless Mike Miner writes about it. Roeser solicited publicity and Mike obliged him. Must have been a slow news day.


After the Tea Party

Re: “Don’t Tread on Them: Profile of a Tea Party Rally,” posted by Lauri Apple, April 16

All those placards on the ground, I hope they picked up after themselves. Y’know cuz otherwise “government” funded by our “tax dollars” has to clean up their mess[es].

I never thought of “tea bagger” as a complimentary name. I snicker like Beavis & Butthead whenever I hear it.

top geezer

Let’s get this straight. The tea party is protesting taxes, so they decry the president who pushed through the biggest tax cut that ordinary Americans have ever seen. And—in Washington, if not Chicago—they listen to addresses from congressmen who voted against those tax cuts.


The truth is the majority of the people in the Tea Party movement gave their unquestioning support to the illegal actions of the Bush-Cheney regime, which leads to the irrefutable conclusion that the Tea Party movement is permeated with disgruntled Republicans who are trying to distance themselves from the sins of their past by wrapping themselves in the flag and pretending to care about the Constitution.

Simply stated: they’re closet neo-cons who will vote Republican in November.

Walter F. Wouk