Wise Up, Chicago

Re: “Food Truck Roadblock,” by Mike Sula, April 29

Chicago needs to wise up and realize they need to make it easier for small business to succeed. Small business succeeds, the city will succeed. Go food trucks go.

Alex Cheswick

May Street Market

I used to think living in NYC would be expensive because of the high cost of living, but hot damn, being able to get kebabs and falafel off of a food cart is awesome and cost efficient.

Philadelphia also has street carts . . . in front of the city hall, no less! The soothing smell of Philly Cheese Steak with Cheeze Wiz made before your eyes, that’s magic, baby.

If Kuma’s Corner had a rival in the Metal burger market, it would be Grill ‘Em All in LA. They don’t operate from a restaurant but from a food truck.


No one has said what their carbon footprint would be. No blood for oil? Kabobs, or offshore oil drilling spills? Are we really concerned about these issues, or do we only pay lip service to them every so often in the environmental and political sections of newspapers, websites, etc.?

Earth Day Is Everyday

Still Kicking

Re: “What the Old Media Owes the New Media: A citizen journalist is smarting from a slight by Chicago Tonight,” by Michael Miner, April 29

With deference to Mark Twain, the reports of the death of the News Star are greatly exaggerated. The 106-year-old News Star was not “shut down in March 2009 by Wednesday Journal, Inc.” but is very much alive. Indeed, it has never missed a single week of being published since then. I know this to be true because I read about it in a Michael Miner column in the Chicago Reader in March of 2009.

Ronald Roenigk


News Star Newspaper

Michael Miner replies:

My apologies to Ron Roenigk. The article he cites above concerned the sale of the Booster and the News-Star by Wednesday Journal Inc. to Roenigk’s Inside Publications for what I called “not a song, a couple of bars of music.”

Speaking of mistakes, I’ve been asked how Lake Effect News responded to the error that WTTW caught. LEN corrected the graph in which two columns of figures had been mislabeled and added an editor’s note acknowledging the mistake.

Voters in the Dark

Re: “He Doesn’t Have to Outrun the Bear: Would-be assessor Joe Berrios doesn’t have to win over taxpayers. He just has to keep Forrest Claypool off the ballot,” by Ben Joravsky, April 29

Berrios is a buffoon. When voting in a primary, I’m exercising my right to vote, not aligning with a party. If he wants primary petition signatures excluded from an independent candidate’s count, I encourage a campaign to boycott primary petitions.

Logan Square property owners beware: There’s a proposal to raise your taxes even further with an SSA. Shhhh. It’s a secret that the local politicians haven’t bothered to share with affected property owners. Because as long as you don’t know about it, your taxes will go up and fund their programs for the next 10 years.

“Politicians fully expect that the lazy and ill-informed won’t bother to vote. These citizens pay taxes, which support the political life of the few . . . “


Oursourcing Academics

Re: “Hello, I Must Be Going: What’s behind the abrupt departure of School of the Art Institute prez Duke Reiter?” by Deanna Isaacs, April 29

This president was way ahead of his time! The concept of outsourcing academics would make places like the “Tute” and even Columbia legitimate institutions of learning. But he failed to realize that in Chicago, the world revolves around and exists on politics; not even blood or money mean as much as politics.

Rick Aztlan

Thanks a Lot, CPS

Re: “Do as We Say, Not as We Do,” by Ben Joravsky, April 1

As a CPS teacher for 16+ years I find this absolutely deplorable. Yet it does not shock me. Our principal who made real changes at our school did not have her contract renewed by our Local School Council, who did not know the first thing about education. They then gave our school to an unexperienced new principal. In four years we went from a “school of distinction” to being on probation. He left midway through the year with a two week notice and was rewarded with yet another school. I would rather teach 37 kids in my classroom than forgo my lousy 4 percent raise and pay one more penny in taxes. Mr. Huberman and the mayor should enter the “real world.” I’d like to see them walk in our shoes for one day. Our union should get in line too. When are you running a story on them?

IDe Jesus

I am a student who transferred to one of these gifted programs this year. Let’s just say that we might not have transportation next year (aka school buses), and I might need to teach myself next year—at home. Thanks CPS. I appreciate it. Really.

Silver Aqua

Look how the CPS teachers salivate when one of their own are locked in a pillory. Get some courage and stand up to the administrative staff under which you work. Shame on you CPS teachers; you’re just as bad as Bond and the clowns with which she has surrounded herself.

What are you CPS teachers contributing to our society? And no, you’re not allowed to give the obvious answer. I graduated from a Chicago Public School. I recall classes in which we were told to draw or look through books while our teacher read the newspaper. I was never assigned homework. You robbed me of my future.