Riled Up About Ronny’s

Re: “It’s Time to Make a Clean Break With Ronny’s” by Brian Costello, November 1 at

This is a long overdue calling out. My vote for worst bathroom in America, and possibly the Western Hemisphere. Good riddance to Ronny’s “Center For the Performing Arts.” —ARRIVER

Generally agreed . . . the place was a novelty for how actually shitty it was, beyond normal dive-bar standards. It was fun once in a while though, when a band you knew was playing. In its defense, it had been fixed up a bunch in recent months (at least the performance space). I talked to Ronny (?) about six months ago and complimented him on the improvements, and he said proudly something like “You haven’t seen nothing yet.” I got the impression he enjoyed having flocks of people coming in the doors. What bar owner wouldn’t? The Bonnie “Prince” Billy shows last month were great, well run with good sound. That said, if Pancho’s is up for the task then I’m all in favor of it. —logan squeer

Good article Brian, I appreciate it, as far as some of the comments, you are really clueless as to how things operated there, we care about Ronny and did everything within our power to help him improve the place . . . it was exhausting and depressing mostly, it was doomed from the start, sorry for trying. —mpblows

“it was exhausting and depressing mostly

“it was doomed from the start

“sorry for trying.”

Finally—an epitaph suitable for my tombstone. —MrJM

Move to a place where there are literally no small venues left and you will quickly learn to appreciate a place like Ronny’s (and its scent)! I always had a good time there, even before it was Ronny’s. . . . They call them “dives” for a reason. . . what do you expect? Marble floors and bathroom attendants?! Also, I never thought the Fireside was a shithole back in the day! I was too excited to see shows any night I wanted—only a couple blocks from my apartment. Ahhh, just puppy love I guess! —CryanShame

There are about 10,000 shades of grey between Ronny’s and Lincoln Hall and I think everyone is probably cool with about 9,990 of them. It’s just that Ronny’s went completely beyond the Mutiny or Crown Liquors or some basement and really didn’t deserve to be hosting the level of acts they were. There are probably dozens of bars that would be happy to take the clientele and do a better job. —jawn

Aw. Ronny’s was gross, but some of the best shows I ever played or saw happened there. Who knows why. RIP. —beans