Billy Pierce: Baseball’s Class Act

Re: Almost Perfect: The difference between a Mark Buehrle and a Billy Pierce? One out, by Steve Bogira, September 3

In addition to all of his accomplishments playing baseball, Billy Pierce has always been a true class act. Glad to see it’s not going unnoticed! —OKCRay

Nice. I was there that night and had great seats, upper deck, second row behind home plate. A memorable night with my dad. I almost cried when Fitzgerald was perched on second after his hit. I remember Jungle Jim Rivera diving for the ball even though he had no chance (Hey Alfonso, hear that, he actually tried). —foxie59mvp

If he had the Yankees behind him like Whitey Ford he would have been in the Hall of Fame on the first ballot! —Craig B

If he had the New Yawk press behind him, even better. If Phil Rizzuto can make it, Billy should be a shoo-in. —foxie59mvp

Wonk Fight!

Re: Dan Hynes: Keeping us awake this time, posted by Mick Dumke, September 2

Hynes trying to out-wonk Quinn? Next week Quinn will hold a press conference & post a FORTY page PDF, “I’ll see your progressive income tax and raise you full school funding.” And sunshine every day & flowers, why not? —Hugh

Rumor Retailing or Info Mongering?

Re: A Call From Jeremy Halbreich, posted by Michael Miner, September 2

Maybe next time you’ll wait until AFTER you talk to someone with actual knowledge of the situation before you throw a rumor with no real information but a sensationalized headline out on the Internet and cause a panic among hundreds of workers at all the [Sun-Times News Group] papers. Just another example of how the Internet is killing journalism. Reporters used to be careful and responsible. Accountability? Credibility? You don’t need either on the Web. —GrizzledScribe

@Grizzled: “A Call from Jeremy Halbreich”—is that the “sensationalized” headline you’re referring to?

And, “the Internet is killing journalism”? Are you a journalist? If you are, it may be time to retire.

Unfortunately, there’s not a lot of new information here . . . I hope the STNG folks get some good news soon, for a change. —alink

alink—I was referring to his previous post that just said, “Dramatic meeting at Sun-Times” and said union leaders had been summoned. And I also work at a STNG paper, and that little post got sent around the newsroom awfully fast, and with no information or depth to it, all it did was fuel fear that it was the “You have X weeks left before the paper folds” meeting. —GrizzledScribe

Hey Grizzled Scribe . . . You do have X weeks left before the paper folds. It’s inevitable. Stop lashing out. Embrace your fate. —skeevoid

Grizzled Scribe, as I said earlier, I also work for an STNG paper. Maybe I’m the only one—although I doubt it—but I’ve been worried about my paper folding for more than a year. And that paper is probably doing better than all of the rest of them in the group.

Charming message, skeevoid. —Rippy

Quid Pro Quo?

Re: What law firms are collecting large legal fees from the city of Chicago, posted by Mick Dumke, August 26

Daley has lied to us again. In 2004 Daley said he would no longer accept campaign contributions from companies, namely law firms in this case, doing business with the city. Dumke blog post proves Daley is as phony as phony gets. —Abe Lincoln

Speaking of Legal Work

Re: Mattel dodges Trib-inspired toy-testing laws, posted by Whet Moser, September 3

If you are concerned about lead in your children’s toys then be VERY concerned about the lead and other toxic chemicals to which children are exposed in artificial turf in playfields all over the city. These levels may well be six times more than permitted for certain consumer products under newly revised federal laws.

Chicago has preferred to spend hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars in court to oppose toxicology testing rather than simply do the testing. To learn more, visit and be sure to scrub down your child and his or her clothing and sports equipment immediately after playing on artificial turf! —Rawchi

Sadhu Johnston’s Legacy

Re: The Green Mayor’s Green Policy Maker Leaves for Vancouver, posted by Mick Dumke September 3

This city is still too obsessed with the eye-candy projects and not doing enough on the rubber-meets-the-road front, ie, diverting from landfills.

Look at San Francisco, why can’t we do this? Chicago’s rate is abysmal, are we even at 20%? May 13—San Francisco achieved the nation’s highest recycling rate at 72% in 2007, according to Mayor Gavin Newsom. ( The city has a goal of 75% landfill diversion by 2010 and said a construction and demolition debris recycling ordinance passed in 2006 is helping push the percentages higher each year, the city said. —Carter O’Brien