To the editors:

Your article on apartheid was typical liberal doublespeak which failed to discuss many salient facts [“Apartheid American-Style,” May 7]:

A. The civil rights act of ’64 & ’68 allowed:

1) Two-parent families to achieve & prosper and attain incomes nearly 90 percent of that of white families.

2) The liberal welfare state decimated the black family in the inner city & made conditions in the underclass worse.

B. Trying to legislate “association” has been a dismal failure

1) School integration attempts have caused many unintended consequences, all relative.

2) Polls show that blacks prefer better nonintegrated schools to the present situation. Union stranglehold on urban schools prevents any change.

Liberal perceptions & solutions proposed by those such as U. of C. sociologists have failed miserably over the past 25 years. Why even listen to them?

James B. Mathers

E. Oak