Thanks to Michael Miner for recommending Linda Bowles’s column in the Tribune [Hot Type, January 26].

However, I was surprised to read that he believes the biases of conservatives are “furtive.” Not anymore. Our biases are no longer any more furtive than Miner’s or the Reader’s.

For example, when we see that 50 percent of all black children are growing up in homes without fathers, we see also a right to be biased with respect to the responsibility of black males. But it would be easy for them to change our minds–all they have to do is stay with their kids. The biases of liberals, on the other hand, last and last and are not amenable to intelligent observation.

I was also very surprised to read Eric Zorn’s opinion that “we liberals do not have a scurrilous, ideological bomb-thrower on our team . . . one who sees nothing but benightedness, ineptitude and ill-intentions . . . ” As that very accurately describes Zorn’s column on me when I was running for alderman in Evanston. He demonstrated total disregard for the welfare of Evanston, and this exemplifies that liberal attitude toward civic duty–they never let it get in the way of personal ambition.

He also could have been thinking about his column on me when he wrote: “Maybe poisonous half-truths that ridicule and impugn, no matter how entertaining, don’t get anyone anywhere. Maybe they polarize us, infect our debates and impede progress . . . ” But I doubt it. You can’t expect intelligent self-examination from liberals.

Neil Elliott