Dear editors:

You owe your readers an explanation for printing the ad featuring Mayor Daley’s picture on Section 1, page 38 of the June 24, 1994, issue. Does your advertising policy allow for ads that are as blatantly anti-Semitic as this one? Of course, “J. Johnson,” the supposed author of this ad, provides himself with a flimsy escape net. He does not say he believes “Jews are the source of Black People’s problems.” He does not say he believes “Jews suck the life from Black People.” The meaning is clear and explicit: merely by printing those phrases in question form, the ad writer reiterates vicious lies regarding Jews and blacks.

A Reader advertiser certainly has the right to denounce Mayor Daley. However, he should not be permitted to slip into Farrakhan-speak: lies and falsehoods about Jews. It does not belong in a major metropolitan periodical. You should be ashamed of yourselves. If you still can’t see it, switch the words “Jews” and “Black People” in the ad. That should open your eyes.

Kenneth Salkover

W. Barry