To the editors:

One of your “Janie Awards” went to the wrong person. The article by Don Rose in the December 24, 1993, Reader stated that I “hustled an ordinance through the City Council inflicting a $50 fine on kids caught cleaning car windows in the hope of cadging a tip.”

In fact, the ordinance was sponsored by 28th Ward Alderman Ed Smith. Furthermore, I did not even vote for the ordinance when it was passed by the Council on July 13, 1993.

Is it too late to give the award back? Happy New Year to everyone at the Reader and all your loyal readers.

Burton F. Natarus

Alderman, 42nd Ward

Don Rose replies:

My apologies to the esteemed alderman for relying on a secondary source for the information. But he should be entitled to keep the Janie Award for many past Abbott-and-Costelloisms, including his valiant effort to outlaw street musicians, to put diapers on horses pulling hansom cabs, and to save Chicago from the fearsome plague of parasailing.