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Rolling Stone Magazine

Eddie Vedder could record his FARTS and Rolling Stone would call it the greatest CD ever released. How about writing stories about people who make good music instead of pandering to the mindless hordes of assholes who listen to crap like Green Day and Alanis????? FUCK!!!!

Vaseline Co.

Because I spent all afternoon writing a song to sing for the people at Vaseline Co., and halfway through they hung up! When I called back, they claimed I was harassing them and would reverse the telephone charges!


All you assholes have done is trade one addiction in for another. You brainwashed, mindless wonders don’t have a clue what your own thoughts and ideas are anymore. You are now convinced you can’t survive without “THE PROGRAM.” Let me repeat…”THE PROGRAM”…

Does that tell you something? Like perhaps you have been “PROGRAMMED”???? Get over it and get a life!

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