[Re: Rock, Etc, September 11]

Dear Reader,

Poor Liz Phair–all anyone in the press can talk about is the fact that she and her husband made a kid. I understand that women, with a little help, are mostly capable of this even today.

It’s nice that she can afford an expensive enough publicist to be on TV and get her record reviewed in newspapers and magazines across the country. Perhaps the reason the media talks about anything but the actual music manufactured around her is because THE EMPEROR WEARS NO CLOTHES, FOLKS! Everyone has crammed her down my throat since “Guileville” and do you know what? SHE CAN’T SING! Is everybody deaf or something? And don’t give me that shit about how Dylan can’t sing either or it’s GO time. What’s more, I’m thoroughly convinced that she couldn’t play guitar through a wet paper bag in a thunderstorm.

I’m thrilled that her child will have a good nanny so Liz can tour. I’d also like to thank the industry yet again for packing a steaming box of crap with a pretty bow and the thousands that stepped in line for a good, long whiff.

F. Kondorf