Dear Liz,

Just picked up about 20 copies of the Reader. We are all so very grateful to you for the lovely review [Chicago Antisocial, March 18]. Thank you so much! Your words of praise were much appreciated and will be quoted extensively in future Gents press releases and materials. Personally, I cannot thank you enough, not only for quoting the material I’ve written so extensively, but including the line I am absolutely proudest of (the serial-rapist bit from the senator monologue).

Also you are to be commended for doing what few columnists (or people in general, really) would do: putting aside a vendetta–and a rather high-profile one at that–and all the animosity that goes with it when writing your article. You deserve much respect for that certainly. You are a true mensch (though not, hopefully, in the literal sense of the word).

You are more than welcome to attend any future shows of ours and invite as many guests as you like (all comped, of course).

Again, thank you for putting our plucky little band of misfits in the coolest and most informative countercultural newspaper in Chi, complete with photo.

Most sincerely and kindest personal regards,

Joshua Bermont

Founder, the Gentlemen Callers sketch-comedy troupe